ChildrenÂÂÂÂ’s Championship
Farewell Competition
Table A, FEI Art. 238.1.2 - not against the clock with jump.off (1.20m)


Placed competitors
1. 1330 Doncella Granith Chief Saad Vega, Camila MEX     0 penalties 33.45 sec
  bay 10y.M /105HF49/ Juan Carlos Gomez Franco  MEX  jump-off
2. 1320 Efrieda Rodriguez, Ana Sofia GUA     0 penalties 36.90 sec
  black 9y.M /KWPN/105TT52/ Juan Andres Rodriguez  GUA  jump-off
3. 1319 Zoline Rodriguez, Ana Cristina GUA     4 penalties 35.02 sec
  bay 14y.M /Guidam/Voltaire/KWPN/103RL60/ Juan Andres Rodriguez Silva  GUA  jump-off
4. 1329 Estilo LS la Silla Quintana Melgoza, Jose Miguel MEX     4 penalties 47.06 sec
  chest 11y.G /Chapultepec la Silla/Montebello la Silla/SLS/104CY41/ Club Hipico la  MEX  jump-off
5. 1328 La Vie Quintana Melgoza, Jose Manuel MEX     4 penalties
  grey 11y.M /Lucky Boy/Corland/KWPN/104EU78/ Glanemann, Christian  MEX  round 1

Data of competition:
 Judges:  C.Hirsch (VEN)  Total prize money:
 C.Hoffman (CAN)
 M.Langer (USA)
 B.Lopez Davidson (ESA)